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As we mentioned on our home page, we are a team of three writers that have had dementia touch our lives in some way or another. We are also journalists who came together to write and update this blog in order to educate people about how dementia works and how we can all help improve quality of life for those suffering from it.

Dave – Editor in Chief

My name is Dave and I am the founder/Editor-in-chief of Dailydementianews.com. I lost my grandmother to dementia fairly early on in my life, and it has continued to show up in family members on both sides. I am 42 now and both of my parents are exhibiting early signs of dementia. It is my hope that we will find treatments to help reverse the effects of this disease in their lifetime. Fighting the clock isn’t easy, but it is a noble endeavor.

Timothy – Staff Writer

I call myself a staff writer, even though we don’t really have a formal staff. My name is Tim (or Timothy to my mother), and I lost my mother to dementia in late-2011. What’s done is done. I started looking into what this dementia-thing was when the doctors first told me what my mom had. I’ve been writing about it ever since.

Natalie – The Medical Blogger Girl

My name is Natalie Martin and I’ve been helping contribute to Daily Dementia News for two years now. While I am quite young, I have lost quite a few of my friends’ grandparents…and on one occasion, a friend’s parent…to age-related diseases like Alzheimers and various forms of dementia. I am currently enrolled in medical school and hope to join a program dedicated to researching dementia or a related disease.

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