A Complete Guide to Lucid Dreaming

guide to lucid dreaming

Dream control is a reality that can be accomplished by anyone who wishes to have control over what they dream. Unfortunately, many people have the misguided notion that lucid dreams are just tricks and do not really work in the real world. However, after going through a guide to lucid dreaming, you will have a much better understanding of lucid dreaming and exactly how to dream it yourself. Your slumber land will never be the same again once you are finished our little walkthrough. We want to thank Wakeupinyourdreams.com for giving us some tips to make this guide better.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

We all dream every night as we sleep. Some of us have by nature a better recollection of their dreams than others. For most people, however, dreaming is not a very pleasant experience and for some, it can even be a very disturbing or frightening one as they dreams turn more often into nightmares than the average person.

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming while you dream. In other words, it means that you are still sleeping consciously, but you will subconsciously wake up in your own dream and therefore become aware that everything you hear, see and touch, even YOU, is all a dream.

Tips on How to Have a Lucid Dream:

– Keep a Dream Journal

Firstly, you need to keep a journal to record the dreams that you have every night. This is quite helpful especially if you wake up in the middle of the night. You need to write it down before you go back to sleep again. By doing this, you are able to remember what you dreamt of the night and note the common features that keep popping up. In addition, keeping a journal sends a message to your brain that you are indeed serious about remembering your dreams. In this way, your brain reprograms itself making it easier for you to remember the dream. Keep journaling your dreams for a few weeks, until you feel comfortable enough with that practice and it becomes a regular habit. It is possible to attempt lucid dreaming sooner, but it will be much easier if you practice dream recall for a while.

– Marking an “A” on your Palm

In learning how to have lucid sleep, mark your palm with the letter “A”. Whenever you go to sleep and wake up, you should stare at the letter and ask your mind whether you are dreaming or awake. By doing this several times, your brain will be able to recognize the letter even in your dreams thereby improving your lucidity and awareness during your sleep.

– Visualize

Remember that feeling of waking within a dream well and visualize, visualize, visualize during the day. You can also do “reality checks” every once in a while. Ask yourself if you are awake during the day to make it a habit. If you stick to it, you will start asking that in the dream too. You can also try looking at the digital clocks or reading the text. In a dream, it is often unreadable or it doesn’t make sense. Try reading a paragraph of text and then looking again at the same portion of the text. If it changes, you are not awake. You can also test the laws of physics to confirm you are dreaming. Try running through a wall, or flying! All these little mind tricks can help you wake up inside your dream.

– Go Through Your Dreams in the Dream Journal

In your journal of dreams, you will realize that there are single or more features that reappear through most of your dreams. In picking out these features, you will be able to know when you are dreaming and become lucid. For instance, you might notice that all your dreams have a window overlooking the horizon. Whenever you see this window, your mind will quickly realize that you are in a dream and gain more control of that dream.

The Bottom Line:

Most people go to sleep, wake up in the morning and occasionally remember fragments of their dreams. By the afternoon, unless it was a very shocking dream, they forget all about it. If an idea came to you overnight, and you remember it because you’ve followed a guide to lucid dreaming, you need constant practice to make your mind accustomed to dreaming lucidly. However, with a guide to lucid dreaming, you will be able to tackle issues you may have, that often translates into some kind of weir or scary recurring dreams.