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guide to lucid dreaming

A Complete Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Dream control is a reality that can be accomplished by anyone who wishes to have control over what they dream. Unfortunately, many people have the misguided notion that lucid dreams are just tricks and do not really work in the real world. However, after going through a guide to lucid dreaming, you will have a…

A 12-Year Old With Dementia?

When you think of someone suffering from dementia, what do you picture? Typically most people will think of an older person, a person in their seventies or later. But in very rare cases, it can affect people of other age groups. Such is the case of Charlea Armstead, a 12-year old girl that is suffering…

The Role of GPS Technology in Dementia

We tend to be concerned about treatments and research into dementia, but what about the daily care of people who live with the disease every day? Preventing Institutionalization: One of the great risks that comes with dementia is that people tend to become confused and disoriented at unpredictable times. They could be out for a…

Daily Dementia News

Welcome to Daily Dementia News! Our mission with this website is to give you the most updated information as we start to understand how this disease works, as well as treatment options for those suffering from it. We want to give you the most accurate information in the most concise way possible.

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Read our latest blog posts as we update you on all the latest findings on how dementia works. As we learn more about how dementia works, we can treat it better and–hopefully one day–cure it at a 100% success rate. Our greatest goal with this website is that dementia becomes so understood that this website is no longer needed. Like an old medical journal describing how to care for smallpox patients, we hope that this website becomes antiquated once our journey is complete.

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About Us:

We’re a small team of volunteers who have had dementia touch our lives in one way or another. We are a volunteer group of writers that will update this website as often as we can.

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If you have a question or comment about DDN (that’s Daily Dementia News), feel free to use our Contact page to make it happen.

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Dementia Books:

For further reading, we’ve compiled a list of books to help you to understand how Dementia works and how to cope with it in your family. We hope that this curated collection can help you to understand this disease better.

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Drug Research:

Research has made massive progress in the past ten years when it comes to drug treatments for dementia. There have also been near-miraculous recoveries seen in experimental stem-cell treatments. Without judgments, we take a look at them here.

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Dementia Videos:

Here’s a beautiful video from CNN profiling “Dementia Village”. You may have heard of it before: dementia patients live in a village where they can shop, eat and live a normal life. All the customer service employees in the village are mental health professionals that can help people when they get confused or disoriented. It’s a wonderful way to provide dignity to those suffering from this disease:

Discounted Travel to visit Affected Relatives

Nobody can foresee when a relative or friend might suddenly be affected by dementia, and it’s even harder if they are far away. To make it a little easier, we have found some last-minute discount rates that might make it possible for you to visit with them. You can also use a voucher for your car hire, the last thing you need to be worrying about is finances at a time like this.

Resources for Care Facility Administrators

Looking after patients suffering from dementia is a unique challenge, and you want to be sure to give the best care possible. We will be gathering resources for facility administrators from dementia care best practices to breakthroughs in medications, all the way to quiet machines that won’t disturb patients.